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Olicoyoung® Anti-aging/Antioxidant Series

Olicoyoung® Series is OLI's anti-aging and anti-oxidation active additives series. It takes different anti-aging active substances as the core, and through the modification of CELLPOLYPID®, etc., to prepare a product series with more stable activity, milder absorption and more convenient use, so that the skin can recover young, reduce wrinkles and be elastic.

Product Series

  • OLI-1901Olicoyoung® HPR

    HPR, an oil-soluble liquid, a new generation of vitamin A derivatives, has more direct, more effective and mild anti-aging effects. After surface modification by CELLPOLYPID®, HPR had better transdermal absorption effect and anti-aging effect, stronger stability and better compatibility.

  • OLI-1501Acetyl Glucosamine

    White or off-white powder, the small molecule amino monosaccharide obtained by biological fermentation has excellent transdermal absorption. It can improve the hydration capacity of the skin and promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. It is a high-quality multifunctional moisturizer and keratin metabolism regulator.