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Glabridin Series

Glabridin Series is the star product series of OLI's. Since 1990s, OLI has been delving into the application of Licorice in the realm of skin lightening, having developed the patented technology with which the unique and rare natural lightener-Glabridin can be extracted from Glycyrrhiza glabra. OLI’s efforts have also made paramount contribution to the industry standard formulation of Glabridin and the entry of its both Chinese and English INCI names into ‘the Catalogue of Used Cosmetic Raw Materials’.

Product Series

  • OLI-2181APAqua Glabridin

    Aqua Glabridin, after surface modification of CELLPOLYPID®, enhances the transdermal absorption of Glabridin, which performs extraordinary lightening effects. In the meantime, it improves the light and heat stability, and sensory of the product, making it easier to be applied to formula.

  • OLI-2181EGlabridin Oil Solution

    Glabridin Oil Solution, after surface modification of CELLPOLYPID®, improves the permeability and has excellent lightening effect. It is an excellent choice for oil formulation.

  • OLI-2186 ProcosmosGlabridin-90 Pro

    High-purity Glabridin powder, extracted by OLI's patented extraction technology of Glabridin, has significant free aradical scavenging, anti-oxidation and lightening effects.

  • OLI-2189 ProGlabridin-40 Pro

    The powdery natural lightener extracted from Glycyrrhiza glabra contains 40% of Glabridin. It has many physiological activities, such as scavenging free radicals, anti-oxidation and lightening effects.