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Powder for Makeup/Foundation

OLI, has developed a series of unique and excellent powder raw materials based on the deep foundation of CELLPOLYPID® platform technology and the advanced process technology of powder processing, and is in a leading position in the field of cosmetic powder.

CELLPOLYPID® powder products of Olicopowder series are favored by professionals and consumers for their excellent performance.

Product Series

  • OLP-6700CELLPOLYPID® Titanium DioxideNew Launch

    OLP-6700 Cellpolypid® Titanium Dioxide is a hydrophobic titanium dioxide that utilizes OLI's innovative material, Cellpolypid®-MBH (BUTYL METHACRYLATE/HEMA/METHACRYLOXYETHYL PHOSPHORYLCHOLINE COPOLYMER), for dual organic surface treatment. MBH, a newly introduced component of the Cellpolypid® family, is a specially designed ternary copolymer material. Its unique polymeric structure delivers a luxurious skin feel, while the addition of medical film-forming materials like HEMA ensures excellent makeup adherence. These attributes collectively make OLP-6700 Cellpolypid® Titanium Dioxide an ideal choice for titanium dioxide products.

  • OLP-6120CELLPOLYPID® Titanium Dioxide

    Micron rutile titanium dioxide, after inorganic and organic coating, forms amphiphilic titanium dioxide powder-CELLPOLYPID® Titanium Dioxide. After the surface treatment of CELLPOLYPID®, it has hydrophilic and lipophilic characteristics, and is easier to wet and disperse in various systems. At the same time, the molecular nail effect of CELLPOLYPID® has excellent skin affinity, which can make the makeup more natural and lasting.

  • OLP-6220CELLPOLYPID® Titanium Dioxide

    Hydrophobic treatment, excellent dispersion, excellent skin feeling, excellent makeup holding, safer and non-irritating, more stable and easier to disperse, and more skin-attached and easier to apply.