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Olicohydro® Moisturizing Series

Olicohydro® Moisturizing series is OLI's moisturizing active additive series, including OLI's unique CELLPOLYPID® Aqua Solution, CELLPOLYPID® Oil Solution, seaweed extract from the deep sea, moisturizing water sensitive factor to create a multi-dimensional moisturizing system, and natural moisturizing factor PCA sodium, etc. It can moisturize, replenish and lock water, and make skin soft, smooth and moist.

Product Series

  • CELLPOLYPID®-MBHNew Ingredient

    Cellpolypid®-MBH, a novel addition to the OLI Group's Cellpolypid® family, is an artificial biomimetic polymer material. It contains 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA), showcasing remarkable biocompatibility and safety. The aqueous solution of Cellpolypid®-MBH is clear, transparent, and fully water-soluble. It offers exceptional moisturizing and deep repairing capabilities while reducing skin irritation.

  • OLI-8100E CELLPOLYPID® Aqua Solution (OLI’s patent)

    The artificial synthetic cell membrane structure bionic raw material CELLPOLYPID® (polyquaternium-51) obtained by OLI through many years of research and development has broken the international monopoly. The product has excellent moisturizing and water locking function and molecular nail effect, can promote cell self-repair, and has excellent biological safety and good shielding and stimulation ability. The product is colorless and transparent, and the formula is skin friendly and moisturizing.

  • OLI-8200 CELLPOLYPID® Oil Solution (OLI’s patent)

    CELLPOLYPID® Oil Solution gives oily formula a moist but not greasy skin feeling. The product has excellent moisturizing and water locking ability, superior biological safety and good shielding and stimulation ability, and can effectively solve the pains such as dryness, floating powder and makeup removal of color makeup products.

  • OLI-8109 Algae Extract

    From pure deep-sea brown algae, it is naturally nourished.It has good moisturizing and moisturizing properties, which can promote cell division and activate cells. At the same time, it can resist oxidation, tighten skin, shrink pores, and reduce the generation of fine lines and dry lines. The product has good compatibility and good skin feeling. It has good compatibility with various formulation systems, and the skin feels smooth and smooth without sticky.

  • OLI-8107 OLI Moisture Complex

    Developed according to the multi-dimensional moisturizing structure of human body science. This product relies on CELLPOLYPID® as a long-term moisturizing and water locking platform, and is matched with natural moisturizing factors and other moisturizing ingredients to achieve super multi-dimensional moisturizing and long-term moisturizing. At the same time, the active ingredients palm kelp extract and Acetyl Glucosamine are added to achieve the initial anti-aging effect of relieving wrinkles, tightening and moisturizing. The product has the traits of promoting skin penetration and excellent skin feeling.