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Oliconew® Repair Series

Oliconew® Series is OLI's repair active additive series. With permeabilized ceramide as the core, it has derived product series suitable for different application scenarios. The product has the functions of supplementing the intercellular substance of the stratum corneum, strengthening the skin barrier function, repairing the skin, improving the skin's tolerance, resisting the invasion of harmful substances from the outside, and reducing the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Product Series

  • Cellpolypid®-RF New Launch

    Cellpolypid®-RF is a transparent aqueous solution that utilizes supramolecular technology, combining three active ingredients with varying water solubilities - Cellpolypid®, sodium hyaluronate, and phytosphingosine. After modified by Cellpolypid®, it improves the sticky sensation of sodium hyaluronate, enhances its moisturizing and water-locking abilities, and increases transdermal absorption efficiency of phytosphingosine and successfully incorporates water-insoluble phytosphingosine into a water base formulation.

  • OLI-7108 Ultra Care Factor

    It is prepared from Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palmitamide, CELLPOLYPID® and various vegetable oils. It can enhance the cohesion of epidermal cells and accelerate the repair of skin barrier function. After being modified by CELLPOLYPID®, it can achieve high content and stable addition in the formula, avoiding recrystallization and providing a thoroughly moisturizing feeling. The product can be dissolved as oil phase alone or together with other oil phase components and join in emulsification.

  • OLI-7105 Premium Care Factor

    It is composed of Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palmitamide and various ceramides. After being modified by CELLPOLYPID®, it can achieve stable addition of high content in the formula and increase the transdermal absorption. It accelerates the repair of skin barrier and improves the moisturizing effect, which can be used for moisturizing, repairing and anti-aging products.

  • OLI-7100 Clear Oil Ceramide Solution

    Transparent Clear Oil Ceramide Solution, surface modified by CELLPOLYPID®, improves the oil solubility of ceramide and promotes its absorption. The core components Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palmitamide and ceramide NS/ NG can promote the continuous regeneration of the natural barrier layer, and have the functions of water retention, anti-aging and anti-allergy.

  • OLI-8106 Oliconew-8106

    The off-white water-soluble liquid, combined with the strong moisturizing effect of seaweed extract and the synergistic repair function of various ceramide, enables the product to effectively associate moisture and have the synergistic moisturizing effect inside and outside, activating cells, supplementing intercellular lipids, and fundamentally repairing the skin barrier.